Comforting Thoughts on the Sex Trafficking of American Children

I am still stuck, without words for this place I am in. But I feel an urgency to re-post this today. Please hear my words and keep your kids close to you. This is a prime time for this activity. There are many significant dates throughout the year where children are more at risk to this evil, certainly not just now. But now matters…a lot. please pray for the children who will be sacrificed and even more so for those who will survive these horrific rituals over these next few weeks. Your prayers could make a significant difference in these precious lives that are about to be utterly destroyed. Thank you, friends. Please – be brave, open your eyes, and PRAY.

Stones Cry

I read a lot of articles on the internet and subscribe to tons of facebook and twitter updates from all kinds of people and organizations who are involved in the fight against human trafficking.  If you are involved even remotely in this battle, then you know that there is an explosion of information out there. Daily there are news articles about traffickers arrested, prostitution rings being busted, brothels discovered, and the list goes on.

One thing I’d like to suggest as all of this information flies at us daily is that we be careful not to make assumptions or fit the information into tidy little boxes in our heads, creating new comfort zones for ourselves within this uncomfortable subject.  As you read, resist the temptation to latch onto (misleading) statements that make it easier for you to assimilate the information into your comfort zone.  Because let’s face it – none…

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About stonescry

A survivor of sex trafficking, being healed by the grace of God.
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One Response to Comforting Thoughts on the Sex Trafficking of American Children

  1. Interesting that you just reblogged this, I actually just re-read this post the other day and have been haunted and burdened to pray over the half a million children who go missing yearly and are never accounted for. I am seeing my own children’s worlds through different eyes, and while I have always been cautious (sometimes even accused of being over-cautious), I have been taking additional measures to keep them safe lately. The most important of which, of course, is increased frequency and fervency of prayer.

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