To the Valiant Women Warriors

Dear Valiant Women Warriors,

You know who you are. Your days are filled with children and messes and diapers to change and homework to tend to and jobs that fill your days. You don’t look any different from anyone else trying to make sense of this world as it spins wildly. You cram in the grocery shopping between meetings and you struggle to make another nutritious meal and you barely remember the soccer schedule for this weekend.

But you are armed and dangerous. You carry an unseen burden and when everyone is sleeping or quiet for just a few minutes, you sneak away to the war. You have learned to wield the greatest weapon – the double edged sword of praying scripture over your sisters in need.

You could do something else with these precious minutes, you know. Yes, you do know. The list is endless. But you have been called to battle and to battle you go. Perhaps it is because you have been gifted with the ability to hear their cries, these ones you battle for who are too weary and weak and bloody to battle on their own anymore.

Today I want to tell you that your minutes are not wasted and your unseen sacrifice has never gone unnoticed by our Father in heaven. He called you to this war, in obscurity.

The only platform He offered you in this was the one in His throneroom, but you didn’t rise. You kneeled.

And you cried out the battle cry that saved me.

I want you to know – your efforts are never wasted. Your sacrifice is noted in the only place that ever matters and your weapons are only sharper and more ready for battle every time you go.

It was a year ago that I wrote these words:


I have spent this week in this pit, alone. I know Christ is supposed to be here, but I can’t see Him. I can only see them. And in reality, I have been completely isolated from the world this week. Alone. I see the whole world spinning by me and I see no one who is able to see what I see. I am trapped here with them – Silence, Darkness, Pain and Sorrow as my only companions.

And then last night, a light dawned on me, dimly. It was the voice – the actual voice of a friend, who found a way to speak to me in this place, to speak INTO the silence and the total isolation and darkness. It’s like she stepped up to the edge of the pit and she was willing. Willing to stop and to shine a light down on me. Willing to use her voice in prayer over me while I am in this pit and somehow her voice reached all the way down to the very depths where I am chained.

I asked her to go and help someone more worthy than me, but she stayed. And she even gathered her friends and brought them to the edge of the pit. Brave women who are warriors and lovers in the Kingdom and they have begun to shine their lights and speak the Words of the Savior over me, to pray over one whom they don’t know. And it is their prayers that have saved me. Will they ever know the worth of their sacrifice?


Last year it was your willingness to come to the edge of that pit and do battle on my behalf that saved me. Those are strong words. Scary, actually. But they are true. The war you waged on my behalf during those in between minutes very likely saved my life.

You won’t get any earthly rewards for your sacrifice or any medals of honor for your courage – not here on this wildly spinning earth. But your Father in heaven sees what you have done in the secret place to save one of your sisters. And I know He is more than pleased. What you have done and are doing matters so much.

So carry on, Valiant Ones. Please don’t stop warring for the trapped and alone and despairing ones, for one day you shall meet them face to face, and oh, what a glorious day that will be.


About stonescry

A survivor of sex trafficking, being healed by the grace of God.
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2 Responses to To the Valiant Women Warriors

  1. Thankyou for your sharing your heart! I feel your loneliness and yearning for connection.
    It IS here that we are met with the truth of Abba’s love, regardless of how we feel at the time, isn’t it?! Little by little I am learning to yield to the tiny speckle of Light seated quietly beside the hidden-me, to feel the warm Love that is the I AM. How precious it is!!!
    And how precious we survivors are.

    • stonescry says:

      Linda, I’m so sorry if I didn’t see this before now. Yes it is a beautiful thing – learning for the first time to truly KNOW His love and not just about it. And it is also a beautiful thing when His love spills through others to us when we have no other way of perceiving His love without that. I love the way He will go to any lengths to reach us! Bless you today, dear one! ♥️

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