I was a child victim of influential, power-hungry individuals whose reach extends far and wide.  By the grace of God I survived being trafficked within a large, ritualistic sex trade of the most violent kind. The whole of my story covers many years and took place in upper middle class America, with every type of person you can imagine included in the list of perpetrators.

You absolutely must know that I am a survivor who is still in the midst of healing from extreme trauma.  And I am writing broken. I do not claim to have all of the answers, and some of what pours forth from my heart here is the ugly, messy brokenness of a heart still in need of healing.  You’re not going to agree with everything I have to say here, so I ask grace.  I could have waited to write until I was more “fixed.”  But that’s not what God asked me to do.  I am telling my story – writing it broken – for His glory. My hope is to be an honest voice that will inspire an understanding of what is truly needed to deliver people from this hideous trade.

I write this blog anonymously, knowing that anonymity is a joke in the world I live in.  However, I do that for the express purpose of making my intentions clear: I have no desire whatsoever for either recognition or retribution.  My goals in writing this blog are simple:

  1. To bring glory to God for the healing He has done in my life so far;
  2. To connect on a heart level with other survivors and to bring validation and healing to them and to myself by sharing through authentic writing;
  3. To educate and encourage those who want to help trafficking survivors by hopefully providing helpful insight.

If you are fighting for your own freedom, then be encouraged.  We aren’t rescued out of hell only to live in a recurring nightmare.  True, lasting healing really does happen.  This dark path out of pain is long and treacherous, but worth it.  Totally worth it.  There are treasures of darkness, found only by those who have truly known darkness. And if you can’t hang with me on the God thing, then try to hang with me anyways, because honestly, I get that.

If you are one of thousands who are answering the call to rise up and abolish sex slavery, then there are some things that I need to say to you and pray that you will hear.  Survivors and those still trapped desperately need you to believe that freedom and healing is really possible for them.  But more so, they need you to stay – to not run away from their pain or look the other way because, though you care deeply, you have no idea how to help them.  I want to help you with that.  If I can teach you anything, I hope to teach you to pray and to stay.

May my words help to convince you of the truth that what you are fighting for is within reach.

I welcome your email at stonescry1@gmail.com.  Other survivors are my priority and it is my deep desire to connect with you.  If you are an abolitionist, I ask your patience in the time it takes me to respond.

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  1. stellamarr says:

    Hello, I am so incredibly grateful to found your blog today. You are an amazing, inspiring woman. I am also a survivor. A bunch of us have formed a leaderless online international network for friendship, support and activism. There’s no hierarchy or exploitation — one woman one vote. Everything you write or do on the network belongs to you and you alone. Your work will never be used without your permission. I’d so love it if you’d join our network. http://www.survivorsconnect.groupsite.com
    This is me: http://www.stellamarr.com
    This is a blog I’m just starting: http://www.secretlifeofamanhattancallgirl.wordpress.com

  2. Stella Marr says:

    I’m so glad. In the meantime thank you for surviving, being you, being in the world and writing. Loads of love always, xoxoxo

  3. Marty says:

    Stella and Stonecry, you give me inspiration to keep on saying never give up never give in

    We can heal, be present when we awake each morning to something brand new. The past is over, the future is out of our hands,

    We have this moment to strive to live without doubt or worry about the past or future. The unknown exists for every soul we encounter. We are perfect, as our true self. Nothing from Tje past follows us unless we give it attention.

    If we could go to another planet would we have PTSD there also. No kne would know unless we told them.

    Welcome to my blog, Stella already in a member.


    Good healing and the energy to live fully.

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