for those who help

If you have been called in this fight to the actual work of walking with survivors in pursuit of restoration, then I want you to know that the calling you carry is so significant.

My heart and prayer right now is that we could move beyond mere awareness and really begin to pray into establishing restorative community and avenues for true restoration and healing for those coming out of this nightmare. It takes true, real-life community to heal from this trauma.

I am praying to see a day when the Church can really welcome such brokenness with open arms. It is easy to speak, easy to blog, easy to fundraise and easy to busy ourselves with hero-minded activism. It is so much harder and less glamorous to stop and just listen and love one single, broken individual.

Stopping for the one and mucking around with them in their darkness, pain, shame and mess is so much harder, so much less glamorous… much more like Christ.

I want to encourage everyone who reads my words to use their voices to raise awareness….yes…..but more so to do the harder task of stopping for the one ugly, broken mess in your path and resolving to stay – resolving to love, for the long haul. This is the far more difficult task in fighting human trafficking.

And if those who follow Christ don’t do this, who will?

When you pray, would you pray into this with me?

If you are someone who has been called to extend a hand of rescue – or even just a hand in friendship to a survivor of sex trafficking, then please look for the posts categorized as “For Those Who Help.”  I am not an expert – I am simply a survivor who has endured way too much pain from well-meaning people who did not have the strength of heart to stay with me in my mess on my road to healing.

And there is a post here that you absolutely must read from one who really gets it.

5 Responses to for those who help

  1. Marty says:

    I would need a couple,pages to air what is lacking between therapists, insurance companies, therapies, money, CYA and incompetence add to not many heal.

    First the word urgency is never used. Never. Long abstract therapy takes years. Years.

    Lack of caring, lack of a client to figure out what works best. No statistics. Complex PTSD is not even recognized by DSM yet.

    Antiquated system.

    I have worked to develop a simple as possible model for healing. A breathing track model and application with every thought. We need to address our intrusive thoughts and how we deal with them sometime.

    This is where trauma fuels when we leave this moment to think.

    Good luck and it is epidemic


  2. Donna Hogue says:

    I am reminded of the woman with the issue of blood. The doctors drained her bank account, she could not meet with other believers because she was “unclean”. So she was ostracized by he medical and spiritual community. Her one last hope was this rabbi, Jesus. She did not care if she saw His face, the hem of His garment will do. She thought if He is so powerful then one touch of His robe will be her deliverance. What faith she demonstrated. She not only walked away healed, but a born again believer. Only Jesus can do the impossible, unthinkable, and unbelievable.

  3. tima says:

    Oh my… that’s all I can say. Many people cant stomach the walk with women like us. So they give up, not realizing they add to the trauma of broken relationships and trust.

    • stonescry says:

      Tima, thank you so much for adding your voice here. You are so right. Every time someone has walked away from me – given up, said one thing and then done another – my broken heart could only read that ONE way: that I was as worthless as I already thought and that God didn’t actually care about me. I’m beginning to learn differently, but those wounds heal SO slowly. I pray for you dear sister that you will know the healing and love that only comes from someone staying and loving you right in the middle of the broken ugly. Asking God to raise up those people who won’t seek thrill or recognition or reward but who will walk humbly and quietly with the broken until we are all restored. Bless you. ❤️

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