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On Burning Bridges

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I have this weird love for bridges. It’s not about the beauty or the stucture, really, but more about them being good places to hide – to go and sit beneath near the water where one cannot be easily found … Continue reading

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The Longest Night

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Nineteen years ago I sat on the shores of this beautiful place while the fairytale I had written started unraveling and torrents of pain and destruction rushed through my beautiful life, destroying everything I thought I had. Nineteen years. That’s … Continue reading

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Scripture Prayers for the Physical Deliverance of Captives

These prayers have now been updated and split into two separate posts: Prayers for the Physical Deliverance of Captives and Prayers for Restoration.  Please refer to this page for more info. Sometimes we are praying for the physical deliverance of … Continue reading

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Seen But Never Known

Warning: Ugly honesty and not a whole lot of hope here in this post. If you are struggling today, please do not read this. I couldn’t stand it if I knew that my words pushed a hurting heart into a … Continue reading

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Chronicles of Hope: Advent

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Leaking out some of the words I have spilled onto these pages – grasping for hope, without having the strength I needed to actually hit “publish” – because, what if these hopes penned here don’t pan out?  This one I … Continue reading

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How to Pray Effectively – Part 2

I’ve been working on expanding the list of prayers I first posted in How To Pray Effectively for Trafficking Survivors. These scripture based prayers are the ones that my husband has prayed over me relentlessly this year, as prayer has, … Continue reading

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Chronicles of Hope: Finding Promise in a Broken Mess

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It’s no secret that I love the ocean. It is where I can breathe and find Him in the midst of dark, overwhelming battles that I can’t seem to win. When I can’t find Him there, I go there and … Continue reading

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When Tears are Prayers and Words Won’t Come

I’ve been exceedingly humbled by the response I’ve received to the Red X post. I’m so grateful to those who are reading it, sharing it, and who are willing to hear this hard word. In some cases, I know my … Continue reading

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Not Gonna Lie

I am supremely stressed.  I have come back out of the land of scary dissociative episodes and overwhelming, nasty, unwanted memories back into the realm of functioning, but only by force.  It doesn’t work – this whole thing where life … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a girl who wandered the earth.  She had no past, and no future.  She had never existed before in time or space, except for in the present.  Each new day came as a surprise … Continue reading

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