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Grace in a Mountain Cave

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Tonight I write for me.  I write to remember the gifts that God gave me in my childhood and in my healing.  I write because I am struggling and I need to remember.  I write to acknowledge that dissociation is … Continue reading

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Sacred Stories

I continue to choose to blog anonymously for many reasons.  One of the benefits of this is that I never have to consider what “so and so” is thinking about me now that they know something I just wrote about … Continue reading

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About Trust, Whatever that Means…..

Well, I said a few posts back that I was going to try to be open about this season I’m in.  I don’t like it.  At all.  It’s one of those times when God has decided that I’ve lived long … Continue reading

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How to Pray Effectively for Trafficking Survivors

As a survivor of child sex trafficking, if you asked me to name just one thing that made the most difference in my healing, I would tell you that it was prayer. In fact, I wouldn’t blink an eye while … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast: Stormy Until Further Notice

It’s one of those times where I can see the road in front of me starting to twist and descend into an unknown place.  The path ahead looks dark and stormy, yet somewhat familiar.  Honestly, I’ve been quite caught off … Continue reading

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In Honor of You

Today is the birthday of a dear, precious friend of mine. A few nights ago, I had a dream about her.  In my dream, there was someone I didn’t know who was taunting me in my struggle against a memory.  … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Friends of Job

I’ve mentioned before that as I came out of my nightmare and began seeking healing several years ago, there was no one who believed my story, or knew how to help me.  The depth of evil that I experienced was … Continue reading

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What is Justice?

I’ve been contemplating this recently.  As a Christian, should I even demand justice for my own abuse?  What about for others being abused?  It seems right somehow for me to want their justice, and yet somehow wrong to hope for … Continue reading

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Lost Voices

I have been quiet lately for a lot of reasons, one being that this past week I have been at an amazing human trafficking conference. What an incredible week. I am still processing all that the Lord was showing me … Continue reading

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Dear Survival – Move Over.

Most of us have developed this tough outer shell that pretends like we do not hurt – like we can handle just about anything.  We are SURVIVORS, and all that it means to survive.  We want to act like we … Continue reading

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