the God thing

Today, my faith is in God alone, and His saving power through Jesus Christ.  But I did not arrive at that faith decision lightly or easily.  Because there was a lot of intentional spiritual crap woven into my trafficking experience, I started from a place of complete confusion and even disdain for God.

I want to acknowledge that the decision for a survivor to place her trust in God rarely comes easily.  We have learned to depend on NO ONE, and have superior survival skills that leave little room for God.  Whatever ideas you have about God have been formed out of desperation and hopelessness that have left you either running towards Him, away from Him or just plain ambivalent.

The following three posts are a brief description of how I came to the decision to place my trust in God for my healing and my protection.  We all come to this decision – whether to trust God or not- by a different route.  For some, the decision is fairly easy.  For others, not so easy.  This is simply my story.

The God Thing – Part 1

The God Thing – Part 2

The God Thing – Part 3

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