words to pray – UPDATED!

These pages are lovingly dedicated to the dear ones who have been so faithful to intercede for me.  Some have been total strangers, but they have known and understood that prayer can save a life, and I will be forever grateful for their gift and labor of love for me; and to the Lord Jesus, the only One who has had the power to bring true deliverance and restoration to my heart, the One to Whom I cry out day and night for my full deliverance.

Awhile ago, I posted on How to Pray Effectively for Trafficking Survivors. Since then, I have had some requests to post more scripture based prayers for victims and survivors of trafficking. This is my attempt to make those prayers easily accessible to those who desire to truly intercede for both the physical rescue and the spiritual restoration of those who have had their lives destroyed by this evil trade.

Please reference my original post here for more explanation and the thoughts behind these kinds of prayers, as well as how to directly lead a survivor who is seeking healing into prayers for her own recovery.

Update: I have now separated the prayers into two categories: Prayers for the Physical Deliverance of those still held physically captive, and Prayers of Restoration for those who are physically free and yet fight an often life threatening battle to be fully free from the evil they experienced.

Prayers For the Physical Deliverance of Captives: scripture based prayers appropriate for the deliverance of those who are still physically enslaved.

Prayers for Restoration: These scripture based prayers are extremely beneficial and life-giving to pray for those who have been physically rescued, but who are fighting to survive the devastation left behind by those whose intent was to destroy her – body, mind and soul. The process of recovery from this evil can take a very long time.


6 Responses to words to pray – UPDATED!

  1. Carissa says:

    Prayed through all of these last night during about an hour of prayer/intercession for ladies still trapped in this and for those healing… thank you.

  2. Janice says:

    I am going to focus on this during my prayer time through Lent. Thanks for posting such an accessible way to pray concretely.

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