Prayer for Captives This Week

Re-posting from last year. Please pray for captives this week.

Stones Cry

If you need support right now, please reach out.  If you don’t have someone safe in your life to reach out to, please reach out here.  You can email me at and I and others (with your permission) will pray fervently for you.  You are not alone, you matter, you are loved deeply, and there is life and light for you, dear one.  Hold on, because your story isn’t finished yet.

“Rescue those being led away to death; hold back those staggering toward slaughter. If you say, “But we knew nothing about this,” does not He who weighs the heart perceive it? Does not He who guards your life know it? Will He not repay each person according to what he has done?” Proverbs 24:11-12

I’m still here….lots has been happening and I’m still fighting for healing, but haven’t felt right sharing what I haven’t quite finished grasping…

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About stonescry

A survivor of sex trafficking, being healed by the grace of God.
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